Posted by: Julie Garfield | March 27, 2010

A little about me

I have a small frame under mountains of fat. My frame is meant to carry about 120-130 lbs. I am suffocating from the amount of weight that I have glued to me. The fat makes it hard for me to walk. I get tired out easily and can’t breathe. I know that any heavy person can relate to what I am saying. I have a hard time sleeping because of the weight that pushes down on me as I lay down. My body weight shifts while I am on my back and presses against my throat making me feel as if I am being choked. You would think that this is enough to make anyone want to lose weight.

I truly want to be thin. I have zilch for will power and the nightmares of all the sweet and gooey monsters that chase me in my dreams are to much for me to resist.

I will succeed!

Things that I enjoy:

My husband and kids

Playing with the grandkids, and great grandkids.

Reading of course. The only thing heavy is the book and the exercise of turning the pages really dont account for much.

Music that I enjoy is mostly pop… Barry Manilow…Yep he’s my favorite. I know, I know it ages me and most of your are going … OH SHIT… shut the computer off. But… stick with me and maybe I can add more music to my library… Just kidding. I do enjoy a mirad of different artists.

Books that I like to read are murder mysteries, christian fiction and fantasy. My favorite authors are Robert McCammon “Swan Song” my all time FAVORITE!. I love J A Konrath, Allison Brennan, Jack Kerley, Janet Evanovich, J K Rowling, Stephanie Meyer  to name a few.

Favorite movies are usually action packed as well as fantasy. I do have all of the Harry Potter movies and the Stephanie Meyer Twilight movies.

My goals in life are to live until I am 104, scuba diving, skiing, and flying a plane and to hit the lotto, Powerball and or Mega Millions I am not picky. Oh yeah, and to be thin and have body strength.

Well all for now. I will add more as I get online. I have to help my daughter.


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