Posted by: Julie Garfield | March 29, 2010

What constitutes STRESS in my life

It’s been on emotional roller coaster ride. I always hated roller coasters. Now, I know why. The expectation of climbing up to the top, knowing you were going to be shoved off into a world of the unknown, not the unknown exactly, you know something is going to happen but you just don’t know what and how fast you will be going down hill, around corners and how many loops you will have to go around.

The wooden roller coasters are kind of like life. They creak and make all sorts of noise. You never know if you are going to make it to the end without it breaking and slamming you into the ground. All of the sudden you feel your body moving up again for another hill and the next time you are falling faster and gripping the rail with all your might. You look at your hands as they begin molding with the handle becoming one. Your body becomes exhausted as you pull into the last turn and stop. You look at each other and say, “That wasn’t so bad, lets do it again. Well the roller coaster ride that we are on this time is forever exhausting. I read my words from New Years 2008 a little while ago and it seemed like my life was mundane. Wow, what a whirlwind in the first month of 2008. I think it could actually be considered a full fledge hurricane.

Let me explain a little bit about my family and our lives. I am married to a great guy named Duane and have two kids, Leah and Matthew. Well Leah has two children, Trevor and Joshua. Trevor was an 11 pound baby healthy as all get out. He is growing up to be quite the little boy. When Leah had given birth to Joshua he was smaller about 7 lbs 4 ozs.

During 2008 we found out that my husband had cancer in his eye. Well STRESS CITY for me. We decided that he should have his eye removed to keep the cancer from spreading. The doctor said that if that worked it would save his life. If the cancer went into the blood stream he would have 6 months to live. The doctor’s comment “It sucks to be you !” Well we had the surgery and the cancer was located in the eye. That was good news. We celebrated his life and while he lost weight, I gained it. I think my body is a magnet for all the fat in the world to find me. With the stress of all the medical things we went through it was easy for me to turn to my comfort foods. I know its not all my fault. That spoon of ice-cream just miraculously found its way into my hand and forced it in my mouth.

The same year we found out about my husband my daughter had a beautiful little baby boy(Joshua). The day after he was born we found out he was born with half a heart. STRESS CITY for me again. She left for Seattle Children’s Hospital The day after he was born he was life flighted over to Seattle Children’s Hospital where he spent his entire first year. He had to have a heart transplant when he was one years old. STRESS.. While she spent the year over there with her little angel we moved our oldest grandson into our home. Having to open the house to the neighbor kids was another adventure. I wouldn’t have done it any other way. I know that someday Treovor will have memeories of his year with us. Loving memories.

So Joshua is home now and he goes back and forth to Seattle with Leah. Living at Ronald McDonald House for the year and a half  over in Seattle was hard. We would go down with Trevor during any school break. It seemed like we lived out of diners, fast food and food at the house. She always said that she didn’t’ want to feel like that was her home so she chose not to make to many meals there. I think every time I would go there I would be excited about the deserts and the huge portions at all the good eating places. They have a pizza place that has incredible football size cal zones. HUGE you could make two meals out of them. Probably in the real world would feed a family. The stress of watching my daughter have to go through this was heart wrenching. Comfort food for me soothed me until the weight piled on. Now all said and done I am going to try to lose all the excess weight so I can enjoy my grandsons.


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