Posted by: Julie Garfield | March 31, 2010

Tuesday Picture Day

Well today is the day that my daughter took my pictures. OH MY GOD! You don’t really see yourself the way others see you. I was in utter shock seeing the photos I added. I really didn’t think I looked that bad! Oh well it sure made me want to do something about it. I guess it’s a good thing to see. 😦  I made some of the vegetable soup that doesn’t have any points. I may have to eat that 24/7.

Work was uneventful we didn’t have any doctor’s in the office so I worked on the website for the office. It was jean day today. The pictures of me are in my work clothes today. I figured if I wore jeans in the picture it would hold all the fat tightly contained and keep the fat  from showing. NOT!!

Eileen gave me a quote that I was going to add to the site today but I left it at work. I will try to add it tomorrow if I remember to bring it home. It kind of fit what I am doing with the blog.

Well I am going to bed, it’s way past my bedtime and I have an early day. I still haven’t done any time on my bowflex. I did however park at the other end of the building I work in so I would have to walk further to get to my office. Baby Steps…


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