Posted by: Julie Garfield | April 2, 2010

April 1st NEW MONTH

Well let me fill you in a little about whats been going on. My daughter and granddaughter took the boys, Joshua and Izak to the doctors appointment with the cardiologist. He informed them that the boys were in distress. Izak the newborn was born with a major heart defect. We knew that but this is the first time I am telling you about it. His Tri-cuspid valve (I think) is not working correctly. The doctor wants us to present his case to Seattle Children s Hospital like Joshua was. They will do a heart cath to see what the damage is and then they can decide how to fix it. When they noticed this they put him on a diuretic to make it easier on his heart and now he is losing weight because he is losing more fluid then he is taking in. So, off to Community Medical Center for him. They will increase his feedings and calories via a nose tube.

Leah (my daughter) was having Joshua checked at the same appointment and found that his sodium levels were not right and his white blood cells had doubled. Off to Community Medical Center for him also. STRESS… STRESS… STRESS…

But I am staying with the program YEAH!!! I am so proud of myself! I had to go to the gas station, you know my Little Debbie hot spot because I was out of gas. I marched in and grabbed a soda and shut my eyes tightly when I passed by my Zebra cakes… I think they actually whispered my name as I ran by. I stuck my fingers into my ears and did the la la la thing. The clerk actually asked me “Is that all?” I closed my eyes and nodded. It worked and out I ran. So cool!

Well now I am waiting to hear from my daughter when they will release our boys. Easter is going to be here on Sunday and tomorrow is my Birthday. I need to be strong and not think “Oh its only one day”

Keep me in your thoughts. It will be a hard battle to win.


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