Posted by: Julie Garfield | April 3, 2010

It’s My Birthday!

Well, I did it. I made it another year. 59 years old today. Who’d thunk it. 🙂 I had a great day. I went to work and had a beautiful lily sitting on my desk and a card from all the staff and doctor’s.

My friend’s from work took me to lunch at the Iron Horse down the street. I actually ordered a lunch that was within my point range… Yeah Julie! I had a sandwich and a cucumber salad with vinaigrette on it. It was yummy! Julie J and Danell took me. Danell and Julie J brought me some flowers and balloons. They are so fun.

I went home and then over to my daughter Leah’s house. She had a nice dinner of vegetables, rice and chicken and then made me a great desert of angel food cake and berries w/splenda (always thinking of me) and fat-free cool whip. She wants to keep me on track. I love her for helping me on my journey.

My goal is to lose enough weight to go scuba diving again and buy an off the shelf suit. The one I have now is one that had to be made for me. It’s pretty big. I want to just get one that I can see and say “yeah, that’s the one I want.” I could try it on and go diving!. Duane said I should buy a dry suit. I think I will look into that. The dry suits are a little user-friendly. You can wear a fleece suit under it and dive in colder weather and water. It isn’t as tight on you and you can be more comfortable. So, that’s my goal for this summer.

I am not sure if I can lose enough weight before summer but, Duane said that it can be purchased at a higher weight and I can use it after I am down to goal! Right now I am kind of leary of wearing my fat black scuba suit in the ocean. Whales would think I looked like a seal and try to eat me. Sheesh would have thought that. My great grandpa was a captain of a whaling ship. So it would be Karma 🙂 Whales Ahoy!


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