Posted by: Julie Garfield | April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday 4/4/2010

Well Happy Easter Everyone!

Went to church today as every Sunday and this Sunday we had breakfast at church. A burrito with egg potato and a tiny bit of sausage.  I took my vitamin with a small V-8 before we left. Easter service was nice.

Duane and I walked Trevor home for his Easter baskets and fun with the family. We left having (way to much fun). Actually it was fun watching Joshua and the boys enjoy their goodies.

I stuck a huge meatloaf into the oven about 3pm. It should be done by 6pm and I will add potatoes and asparagus and call it dinner 🙂

Eileen gave me this little quote about thought and action:

I like it a lot and figured I would share it.

Thought makes things possible. Action makes them real.

Thought prepares the way for achievement. Action assembles the achievement together.

Thought gives action a purpose and a plan. Action gives thought substance and commitment.

Action creates raw energy. Thought harnesses and directs that energy to create meaningful results.

Thought can give birth to endless worlds filled with wonder and beauty. Action expresses that beauty right here and now.

Thought and actinon are stunningly powerful forces. Combine them together, directed toward a common purpose, and truly anything can happen.

_Ralph Marston

Not much happening today.


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