Posted by: Julie Garfield | April 6, 2010

Joshua’s Doctor Visit

Well, today is April 5, 2010 and I just found out that Izak is home and Joshua is going to Community Medical Center tonight. It sounds like his labs are not very good and they want him inpatient to keep watch on him. He is still taking an antibiotic for his ears. He looks better today. Thank God for that. I was beginning to get concerned.

Shyla will have Caleb stay with her and we will have Trevor stay with us. Trevor wants to stay with us until his mom and Joshua get home. James is going to the hospital with Leah tonight and she will drop him off at the house at midnight.

Duane is talking about getting a job somewhere in North Dakota. I will talk more about that when I find out.

I did my weigh-in today. Good news! I am down 4.5 lbs this week. I wanted to be under the 200 mark but that will be next week also. Damn! But I sure won’t turn down the weight loss.

Well all for now.



  1. AWESOME JOB! Keep with it. Love you

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