Posted by: Julie Garfield | April 7, 2010

Joshua’s Home

April 6, 2010

Well Joshua made it home this morning. What a strange boy. Hospital, Home, Hospital, Home. The ultimate is HOME. He’s looking better HOORAY!  I sure feel for Leah. She has so much on her plate. But… She is a strong person or… she fakes it well. I sure love that lady! She takes care of almost as many people as I do. I didn’t want her to fall into that hole. I guess there are doers and takers. Leah and I are doers. Somehow we must have thought that God meant something different when he told us that we would be doers. Sheesh!

I wonder if we can give notice? There’s a thought! Hey God! It’s me Julie…

Leah called me to see if I would watch Joshua while she took Trevor and James to dinner. Duane and I went over and Shyla and Caleb were there and seemed to have everything under control. We took off and told Shyla to call if Joshua woke up and we would come back over.

Leah made it home early enough so we didn’t have to go over. She called me at 9pm and asked if I could go over and cut her ham up. She doesn’t want to touch it? I know she is not Jewish! Silly Girl! She is making a big batch of Lima bean soup. Duane loves lima bean soup.  Fart city. Get the nose plugs. Joshua will not be handing her the snot sucker tomorrow night 🙂

He is getting so big. I love watching him stand on the couch and try to see his mom while she is in the kitchen. Josh is beginning to have that “separation anxiety” from Leah. He is always worried she will get out of his sight (like that WOULD ever happen) She wanted a momma’s boy and SHE has one :). I wouldn’t have it any other way though. I love how much he loves her and counts on her.

Izak is quite the little man. He will be getting so big so soon. Leah said that when he gets to 12 pounds that they will do a heart cath on him. I don’t know how long that will take for him to grow but my guess is he will be there within a couple of months. I say prayers for Shyla and her kids daily. I sure love them all. I know she is a real blessing to Leah. She is becoming a fine young lady. She has a great sense of humor. I wish more people would listen to her and see how far she has come.

Well all for now. I will write again later for today’s blog. I am a day late. 😦


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