Posted by: Julie Garfield | April 8, 2010

The Plan

Ok, I just deleted part of the site. I joined a weight loss plan tonight instead of doing it on my own. I figure that If I am going to do this I need a starting point so… I was driving home tonight and I pulled into the meeting place and joined again. I plan on succeeding this time. I need a healthy plan that will work for me. So as of tomorrow 4/8/2010 it will be the real beginning. I have lost myself at least 5 times I am sure with all the diets I have been on. Seems like a scary thought. Somewhere out there I am floating in bits and pieces. 🙂

Well anyway, I will keep up with the posts. I started my weight loss plan on 3/28 but didn’t have a real starting point. So I joined a group in my area and was weighed in. 203.4 lbs. I did start at 206 so I actually did lose a few pounds.  YIPPEE!

So as of tomorrow (its bed time now)  I have stayed on track for a couple of weeks. I will log my food and how many points I have used each day. I don’t think that will be infringing on anything if I keep the values off the food. I guess someone will tell me if it does.

Well keep me in your prayers. I have joined a kick boxing cardio class that begins tomorrow and I am afraid I won’t be able to move. I have a few friends at work that joined the class with me. Thank God there are a couple of nurses. I know they will save me if I over do 🙂


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