Posted by: Julie Garfield | April 10, 2010

Cardio kick boxing kicks @#%#

Ok, today started out ok. I had to run across town to drop off a key at the other office. I worked for a friend yesterday because she had a touch of the flu.

We had a drug rep bring lunch in today and I actually made some good choices. Probably because they didn’t bring over any of the yummy deserts 🙂 That is my real downfall. I have to stay away from the sweet treats. My goal is to not eat any deserts at work when they bring in the goodies. Little steps.

Well, I actually did have a small treat 🙂 Melanie came home from Germany with German chocolates. I had three small eggs for 1 point. I added them into my journal so I felt good about feeling the chocolate melt slowly into my mouth. yummmmm.

It’s really been pretty easy this time to stay on track. I am not sure why… but I am just going to work with it. I started my kick boxing class tonight. Sheesh… I did pretty good. I didn’t try to overdo it but I did try to stay up with everyone. I learned how to jab, uppercut, round house. We did kicks and a whole lot of moving. We did jumping jacks and marching in place. Worked up a sweat and felt good after the stretching. All the girls that I knew asked if I would be going the next week. Hell Yeah! I enjoyed it.

I may be a little stiff tomorrow but such is the price of freedom from fat 😛


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