Posted by: Julie Garfield | April 10, 2010

Friday the beginning of the weekend

Today is Friday. I arrived at work to see that my co-worker was not there. It’s ok though because I had my friend Julie working with me. I miss her. She is in the back office in the business department. It was always easier to work with her because she liked to joke around instead of being so critical and so anal about everything. Teresa is ok but she causes me to stress out. So I just turn in my seat and not pay attention to her. It is hard-working with her because she isn’t fun as often with me.  She seems to enjoy everyone else in the office. She jokes and laughs with them. Maybe it’s just me she has a hard time with. I guess maybe I should just let it go and not worry so much about being her friend. Not everyone has to like me. Being silly is a stress breaker that’s what I enjoyed about working with Julie J.

Duane came in today and said hello. He was looking for a phone number for a business he is trying to go to work for. Johanna came out and told Duane I was her new mom. I talked with her at lunch about our weight issues and I think I made her feel better. I hope so. I know what its like to fight a weight problem. She quit smoking a few weeks ago and is doing a great job! Now she is going to Curves 3 times a week and is in Kick boxing class. She will do good if she keeps the exercising up. Duane was talking to me and he feels the same way that to lose weight you have to use more calories than you eat. and (note to self)…chewing food and goodies is not an exercise.

I had dinner at Leah’s tonight. She made a beef enchilada casserole. I ate about 10 points worth. I had to use up 16 points for the rest of the day.  So tonight two ice cream sandwiches 🙂 4 points total.

Tomorrow is a brand new day. Can’t wait to enjoy it 🙂


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