Posted by: Julie Garfield | April 15, 2010

Wednesday already

I havent been very good at keeping up my blog. I thought for sure I would be able to do it without a hitch. But to my surprise I find life sometimes gets in the way.
I had my first authorized weigh in tonight. I lost 1.4 pounds. I was kind of disappointed but then I realized that a loss is a loss.
I am going to try harder next week and keep my weights and measures with all the accuracy I can do. I was really good this week.
I did find out something that surprised me. I always buy the ground sirloin burgers at Costco thinking they are healthier than the others. When I figured out the points I WAS AMAZED! 9 points. OMG who would have thought that. Before I would figure the points to be around 5. So now I really need to be aware of the size of food and weigh and measure while I track my points. Yeah Yeah Leah I know, I know. She is always making me aware of SIZE. Who says size matters. Well I was proved wrong once again 😦
measuring cups and spoons and the “scale” will be a big part in my diet now.
Enough said. Talk to you tomorrow. I am tired.
Oh guess what, Leah and I went walking tonight. We put in about 20 minutes that would be acceptable in the walking plan through WW. I am hyped! you go girl.


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