Posted by: Julie Garfield | April 16, 2010

Jab–tap–lung march it out ugh!

Kick boxing night. OMG my body feels it tonight! I walked with my daughter last night and was sore today and then more agony… Sheesh who says you have to suffer to be beautiful???
I was at Leah’s the other night and my great granddaughter told Leah that she cannot be a grandma. Why Leah said. Because the three year old replied grandma’s have squishy cheeks and you don’t. Well, Leah said I guess I will just have to be your nanna. I sure love that little girl. (both of them :)) I am off to a shower and to bed.
I stayed on program today. Our office had a lunch brought in. I steered clear of the chips and cookies KUDO’S JULIE!!! Most of the time I would have hid about 4 packages of cookies. But I am planning on doing this program so I can be a lifetime member and never have to pay again!
I am by far a long timer with WW.
My mantra is I will make it!


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