Posted by: Julie Garfield | April 21, 2010

Tomorrow Weigh in

Here we go again… another week. I hope I succeeded in losing something again. I would really like to be below the 200 mark but… time will tell. I did pretty good this week. I found though that on some of the days I didn’t eat all my points 😦 Seems like I am eating so much too. Leah is keeping me on my toes! Thank you Leah!

I added some more fruits and vegetables to my days. that could be what’s filling me up. Who’d thunk it 🙂

I haven’t had to stressful of a week I don’t think. I haven’t been craving a bunch of sweets like I would normally do in a stressful situations.

We spent most of Saturday outside. Two soccer games to watch. The kids are fun to watch. They seem to get more experience with each game. I got some sun and a bit of a farmers tan but it was a good dose of Vitamin D. Speaking of vitamins, I have been taking mine pretty regularly. Seems to make me feel better.

Well all for now. I will tell you how I did after my meeting tomorrow night. Crossing my fingers!


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