Posted by: Julie Garfield | January 3, 2011

New Year 2011

I decided to try this again. I really need to be healthy and this is about the best way I can think of to lose weight. I feel bad that I didn’t keep up with this. I would have been at my goal weight by now. The years just fly by. Hopefully I will be able to stay on track and make this year “My Year” I know that WW has a new plan but I am going to use the old plan for now.

Posted by: Julie Garfield | May 17, 2010

Letters to Juliett

I went to the movies last night with a good friend of mine. We saw Letters to Juliette. We of course ordered popcorn and a diet coke. It was good. I forgot to eat dinner so the popcorn ended up being all the points I was allowed. Not a good way to do that but… Sometimes you just have to grab the golden ring. When we sat down we noticed a little old man sitting by himself. We thought perhaps he went into the wrong show. I think he really liked it. Funny… Some people are just plain romantic. It made me wonder why he was there. Did it remind him of someone who he lost? Did he go because he lived in Venice? Oh well since we didn’t sit by him I guess we will never know. It was a very good show. I enjoyed it. The lady that played Claire reminded me of my Aunt Minnie. She would have done that without blinking an eye. I really miss her. She was a kick. Anyway… The ticket had a dollar off on a cold stone ice cream. We didn’t go… Kudo’s I guess. Although the banana Carmel crunch is to die for.
I decided to switch my meeting days to Monday. The meeting is at 5:30 so I will have a few minutes longer to get over there after work. I think I did pretty good this time. I am almost at my 5% loss… Yippee!! It’s about darn time. I begin Curves again tomorrow after battling the bug I had. I still feel weak but I have to go or it’s not doing me any good. I made some BBQ chicken and roasted asparagus for dinner along with a potato salad and a shrimp noodle salad. Very high in points so the measuring cups come out. Some things are just so worth it. It’s hard being a good cook. And, it’s harder when you really really like to eat food! I am not giving up I just have to weighnmeasure… 🙂

I made my lunch for tomorrow. A 1/2 serving of BBQ chicken 1/4 cup potato salad 1/2 cup shrimp noodle salad and asparagus. YUMMY!

Long day… Off to bed.

Posted by: Julie Garfield | May 15, 2010


Well, I haven’t been updating much lately. Sheesh I just noticed when I looked at my last post. I have to say that although I haven’t been using this I have stayed on track and continue to lose weight. I haven’t weighed in this week because I was sick. I had some sort of bug that knocked me out for a few days. I had to take a couple of days off from work and lay around. I sort of enjoyed the not working part 🙂 I got to watch a whole lot of cooking shows. I think one of my favorites is Chopped. I don’t know what it is. I think possibly the competition and the variety of items they use. I think I would die if I had to think of things to make with some of that stuff.

I really can’t wait to get weighed this week. I may switch my meeting day to another one so I don’t have to race home from work and go to the meetings. I will check online today and see what will work with my schedule.

I only made it to Curves once this week and didn’t go to the kickboxing class due to illness. Back on track Monday! At least for my exercise routine. I have stayed on track pretty well with my meals. I haven’t tracking much this time but back on track in my daily journal again starting Monday also. Maybe I will make that my new meeting day.

Posted by: Julie Garfield | May 1, 2010

Kick boxing and Curves

Well on Thursday which is my normal Kickboxing day I was going to quit. I received a call from the school and said that the leader was sick and wasn’t going to be there so I figure I will keep going. I needed to take my grandson to a meeting. Well I am going to keep going. I may as well 🙂

Posted by: Julie Garfield | April 21, 2010

Tomorrow Weigh in

Here we go again… another week. I hope I succeeded in losing something again. I would really like to be below the 200 mark but… time will tell. I did pretty good this week. I found though that on some of the days I didn’t eat all my points 😦 Seems like I am eating so much too. Leah is keeping me on my toes! Thank you Leah!

I added some more fruits and vegetables to my days. that could be what’s filling me up. Who’d thunk it 🙂

I haven’t had to stressful of a week I don’t think. I haven’t been craving a bunch of sweets like I would normally do in a stressful situations.

We spent most of Saturday outside. Two soccer games to watch. The kids are fun to watch. They seem to get more experience with each game. I got some sun and a bit of a farmers tan but it was a good dose of Vitamin D. Speaking of vitamins, I have been taking mine pretty regularly. Seems to make me feel better.

Well all for now. I will tell you how I did after my meeting tomorrow night. Crossing my fingers!

Posted by: Julie Garfield | April 16, 2010

Jab–tap–lung march it out ugh!

Kick boxing night. OMG my body feels it tonight! I walked with my daughter last night and was sore today and then more agony… Sheesh who says you have to suffer to be beautiful???
I was at Leah’s the other night and my great granddaughter told Leah that she cannot be a grandma. Why Leah said. Because the three year old replied grandma’s have squishy cheeks and you don’t. Well, Leah said I guess I will just have to be your nanna. I sure love that little girl. (both of them :)) I am off to a shower and to bed.
I stayed on program today. Our office had a lunch brought in. I steered clear of the chips and cookies KUDO’S JULIE!!! Most of the time I would have hid about 4 packages of cookies. But I am planning on doing this program so I can be a lifetime member and never have to pay again!
I am by far a long timer with WW.
My mantra is I will make it!

Posted by: Julie Garfield | April 15, 2010

Wednesday already

I havent been very good at keeping up my blog. I thought for sure I would be able to do it without a hitch. But to my surprise I find life sometimes gets in the way.
I had my first authorized weigh in tonight. I lost 1.4 pounds. I was kind of disappointed but then I realized that a loss is a loss.
I am going to try harder next week and keep my weights and measures with all the accuracy I can do. I was really good this week.
I did find out something that surprised me. I always buy the ground sirloin burgers at Costco thinking they are healthier than the others. When I figured out the points I WAS AMAZED! 9 points. OMG who would have thought that. Before I would figure the points to be around 5. So now I really need to be aware of the size of food and weigh and measure while I track my points. Yeah Yeah Leah I know, I know. She is always making me aware of SIZE. Who says size matters. Well I was proved wrong once again 😦
measuring cups and spoons and the “scale” will be a big part in my diet now.
Enough said. Talk to you tomorrow. I am tired.
Oh guess what, Leah and I went walking tonight. We put in about 20 minutes that would be acceptable in the walking plan through WW. I am hyped! you go girl.

Posted by: Julie Garfield | April 11, 2010

Saturday Way to tired

Well I stayed up way to long last night working on the site. I am pretty tired and plan on hitting the sack. Duane, Trevor and I went to church tonight. It was pretty good. The only problem is that I had to make dinner at 9:30 pm Sheesh! I had pressure cooked some lean beef for some beef and noodles w/brocolli. I had it together pretty fast and we ate late. I saved room for my night time goodie:) Skinny cow icecream sandwich. Well off to bed. I will write more tomorrow.

Posted by: Julie Garfield | April 10, 2010

Friday the beginning of the weekend

Today is Friday. I arrived at work to see that my co-worker was not there. It’s ok though because I had my friend Julie working with me. I miss her. She is in the back office in the business department. It was always easier to work with her because she liked to joke around instead of being so critical and so anal about everything. Teresa is ok but she causes me to stress out. So I just turn in my seat and not pay attention to her. It is hard-working with her because she isn’t fun as often with me.  She seems to enjoy everyone else in the office. She jokes and laughs with them. Maybe it’s just me she has a hard time with. I guess maybe I should just let it go and not worry so much about being her friend. Not everyone has to like me. Being silly is a stress breaker that’s what I enjoyed about working with Julie J.

Duane came in today and said hello. He was looking for a phone number for a business he is trying to go to work for. Johanna came out and told Duane I was her new mom. I talked with her at lunch about our weight issues and I think I made her feel better. I hope so. I know what its like to fight a weight problem. She quit smoking a few weeks ago and is doing a great job! Now she is going to Curves 3 times a week and is in Kick boxing class. She will do good if she keeps the exercising up. Duane was talking to me and he feels the same way that to lose weight you have to use more calories than you eat. and (note to self)…chewing food and goodies is not an exercise.

I had dinner at Leah’s tonight. She made a beef enchilada casserole. I ate about 10 points worth. I had to use up 16 points for the rest of the day.  So tonight two ice cream sandwiches 🙂 4 points total.

Tomorrow is a brand new day. Can’t wait to enjoy it 🙂

Posted by: Julie Garfield | April 10, 2010

Cardio kick boxing kicks @#%#

Ok, today started out ok. I had to run across town to drop off a key at the other office. I worked for a friend yesterday because she had a touch of the flu.

We had a drug rep bring lunch in today and I actually made some good choices. Probably because they didn’t bring over any of the yummy deserts 🙂 That is my real downfall. I have to stay away from the sweet treats. My goal is to not eat any deserts at work when they bring in the goodies. Little steps.

Well, I actually did have a small treat 🙂 Melanie came home from Germany with German chocolates. I had three small eggs for 1 point. I added them into my journal so I felt good about feeling the chocolate melt slowly into my mouth. yummmmm.

It’s really been pretty easy this time to stay on track. I am not sure why… but I am just going to work with it. I started my kick boxing class tonight. Sheesh… I did pretty good. I didn’t try to overdo it but I did try to stay up with everyone. I learned how to jab, uppercut, round house. We did kicks and a whole lot of moving. We did jumping jacks and marching in place. Worked up a sweat and felt good after the stretching. All the girls that I knew asked if I would be going the next week. Hell Yeah! I enjoyed it.

I may be a little stiff tomorrow but such is the price of freedom from fat 😛

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